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Snapshot of Our History

Established in 1987, the company then known as Omega International Coatings Pty Ltd; was a small light industrial paint company based in Sydney. Its only manufacturing facility was in Mount Druitt, NSW which produced industrial paints, varnishes, and thinners.

Omega International Coatings Pty Ltd continued its exponential growth and in 2007 acquired Apco Coatings (subsidiary of multinational paint manufacturer Asian Paints) and then broadened their scope into automotive, decorative and specialty paints.

From a production capacity of 170 tonnes/week in 2015, the organization has come a long way to further expand operations by entering into the paint service and applications sector. After acquiring paint contracting company Omega Painting Pty Ltd in 2011, the group revamped their marketing image under one simple banner “Omega Industries”, releasing Australia’s first vertically integrated paint company with the new “Supply & Apply” concept.

Today, having solely used and developed the name and trademark Omega Industries and all its variants in Australia is now a commercially recognized coatings business. With the Head Office in Sydney, the company manufactures and markets a range of decorative and industrial paint products and application services under various product brands.

Its operations spread across the length & breadth of the country. There are two manufacturing facilities in Australia as well as distribution centres, and several regional and area offices.